Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emmy's Worst Dressed 2012

This year at the Emmy's, as always, there were so many stars who looked fabulous and chic. However, this year in particular there were a surprising amount of not so fabulously dressed celebrities. Since I don't want to write a 70 page article about everyone that looked awful, I narrowed it down to my top 3. The first one is Lena Dunham. I almost feel bad for her, because she is so sweet but lets be honest, she looks awful. This dress does not do anything for her figure except make her look heavier than she is.  Also, lace is such an elderly look, and Lena is not a Senior Citizen at all. The dress is designed by Prada.

 The second wardrobe catastrophe is Lena's Costar Zosia Mamet. Now, I don't have a problem with the dress itself but I do not like her hairstyle or makeup at all. This dress designed by Bihbu Mahopatra is so elegant with the simple black and white color scheme, but I'll just say it because we are all thinking it... She looks like a man.
The final outfit mishap is Ashley Judd.  Lets start out with the 1960's housewife beehive hairstyle. There is a reason why it went out of style and I think the reason is pretty obvious. Next the dress, this custom made Carolina Herrera gown is just so busy with the huge ugly bow on the back and the white broach on the front. Nothing about this outfit looks like it goes together. 

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